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Prices 2017

Cruciform® Triage Cards (Box of 10 cards)
£66.35 + VAT
Cruciform® Triage Cards (Box of 25 cards)
£152.51 + VAT
Cruciform® Evacuation System© (20 cards)
£162.75 + VAT
CPES© Evacuation Log Book (Discharge)
£21.62 + VAT
CPES© Evacuation Log Book (Receiving)
£21.62 + VAT
Decision Log Book (DLB)
£20.48 + VAT
Emergency Incident Record Book (EIRB)
£20.48 + VAT
Incident and Decision Log book (IDL)
£22.75 + VAT
Emergency Log Book (ELB)
ELB Protective Plastic Cover
£23.89 + VAT
£0.79 + VAT
Emergency Pocket Log Book (EPLB)
EPLB protective Plastic cover
£13.19 + VAT
£0.53 + VAT
Duty Log & Occurrence Book (DLOB)
£23.05 + VAT
FirstAidForm© Pad (FAF)
£13.19 + VAT
HART Pocket Notebook (HART)
£9.89 + VAT
Major Emergency Plan for Hospitals
Contact (legacy product)
Cruciform® Priority Cleaning System
Available from Kays Medical
EDIS - Mobile/Server System


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