Cruciform card films

Written by Carl Wallin on .

We are very interested in improving our website and making it more relevant and pertinent to our valued users.

To this end we are trying to find any film or other images showing the "Cruciform" card in use. We know that the cards were used in the London bombings by the Royal London Hospital medical teams as well as in other incidents. Did anyone take images of the cards in use? We believe there must have been films made on smartphones or by television crews, but so far we have been unable to source any.

We are also aware that some popular television companies have used "Cruciform" cards in their programmes.

If anyone knows where we can get any videos, film clips or even training events where the cards were used, we would be very grateful to get access to them.

Please contact us with any information about where such films or images can be sourced, in the UK or elsewhere.

Thanks very much.