We specialise in the development of a range of innovative documentation systems aimed at health service, emergency and crisis management professionals. Our products are developed with two goals in mind: saving lives and documentation for improved efficiency, accountability, legal coverage and feedback for the organisation.

We have been developing evidentially sound documentation systems to address real needs for over twenty five years. The systems we have developed are being used in many countries and by hundreds of organisations.

Organisations using our systems include:

  • Public Services: Local Authorities, Fire and Rescue services, Environment Agency
  • Health care: Ambulance Services, Hospitals, Clinical Commissioning Groups, Immediate Care schemes
  • Government: Armed Forces, Department of Health, NHS England
  • Commercial: Airports, Oil Companies and Standby Boats, Cruise liners

Each of these organisations has decided that our systems help them to document information, actions and decisions which they may need to rely on at a later date.

Please use the above product browser for more information. If our existing products do not provide exactly what you need, we are able to produce a system with all the attributes of our existing, tested and approved products, but tailored exactly to your requirements. Please contact us if this would be of interest.

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