The "Cruciform"® Patient Evacuation System©

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The Cruciform Patient Evacuation System© (CPES©) is designed to help hospital staff to manage that most difficult situation, a hospital evacuation.

The system is ready for use in hospitals as part of a wider disaster recovery plan or strategy and has received acclaim in extensive field trials as part of its development with the West Kent Emergency Planning Team.

The report detailing the outcome of the trials can be found here.

As a result, the Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust in Kent have already decided to implement the system as part of their hospital emergency evacuation strategy.

Except for those rare occasions where patient evacuations are planned, all other evacuations are urgent or full emergencies and therefore difficult, stressful and chaotic for all concerned. CPES© provides rigorous tools for handling such situations and was carefully developed using our proven know-how in the areas of emergency patient handling and disaster recovery. 

Even in the case where patient evacuations are planned, the system can still prove beneficial - especially the supplementary log books designed for use with the system. Click here for more information on supplementary logbooks.

CPES© provides, in one box, an effective method of quickly recording information about the patients who need to be evacuated from a hospital ward/department, a hospital block or from the whole hospital.

The system has been developed to cope with the basic three evacuation scenarios:

  1. Non-urgent movement of patients due to opening of new or reorganisation of existing premises. This scenario is typically planned so every aspect of patient needs should be catered for.
  2. Urgent movement of patients due to impending problems such as flooding of the locality or area or loss of major services such as heating or electric power. Limited planning can occur as there could be some forewarning of the problem.
  3. Emergency evacuation due to major problems, such as fire, explosion or other major event in the hospital premises, possibly involving traumatic injuries to patients who are already ill.

Each box contains:

  • 20 Cruciform® Evacuation cards
  • Each card has a uniquely numbered/bar-coded strip of stickers with wristband
  • One Patient Evacuation Log Book (Ward/Department).
    Barcode strips link entries in the log book with patients being evacuated.
  • Two pens

Key Features

  • CPES© has been evaluated in two hospital trials in Kent, with movements of 60, then 300 patients and has been praised by staff as simple to understand and use.
  • It uses the GS1 numbering and bar code system to track patients. This is now the system mandated by the DH for all products coming into the NHS. "The expectation is that all products should be identifiable by or carry GS-1 bar codes by the end of 2012". More information
  • CPES© is being introduced into the Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust in April 2012 and is available to all UK Trusts.
  • The system is suitable for all Trusts; Acute, Community and Mental Health.
  • The system enables patient, possessions and notes/medication to be linked, as well as linking transport staff and any hospital the patient goes to.
  • Consultants will be able to find "their" patients wherever they end up so they can maintain their patient's care plan.
  • The system assists with clinical audit due to its carefully formulated contents and the unique GS1 numbering/barcode system.
  • Police investigators and coroner's officers will find the system enables them to improve both the accuracy and speed of investigation. It can prove particularly beneficial in linking all persons who have been involved with a specific patient so that relatives can be kept informed.

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More Information

Click here for detailed information about CPES© including usage guidelines, product breakdown and additional notes on use in situations that may require legal verifiability.

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