CPES© - System Overview


Each CPES© box contains:

  • Ward/Department Logbook with entries for 50 patients
    The book also contains a brief explanation of the system and instructions for use.
  • 20 expandable Cruciform® evacuee cards
  • Cards are secured via elastic loop and contained in a liquid-proof, sealable bag
  • Card has an overlay admin sheet for police casualty bureau use
  • Each card is uniquely GS1 barcoded
    The card includes a set of 9 barcode stickers and a wristband for the evacuee.
  • Two pens

The Cruciform® Patient Evacuation System© provides, in one box, a tested and evaluated method of relaying relevant information about the patient being evacuated:

  • from the hospital ward / department, in a hospital which may the scene of an incident
  • to the discharge area decided by hospital management
  • through transportation
  • to the final destination

...no matter how distant that may be.

The system is based on the ward/department box as shown above. The ward or department will be equipped with as many Ward/Department boxes as needed for the number of patients normally present, in multiples of 20.

The system documents each patient with an individual card, which categorises the patient by dependency and mobility and which uses a unique GS1 number/barcode to identify the patient, records and personal possessions. The patient is also linked to any special equipment as necessary.

The box includes the Ward/Department Logbook for recording evacuation information at Ward/Department level, which can record up to 50 evacuees. Available separately are logbooks for the Discharge Area of the hospital evacuating patients and, finally, at the Receiving Location.

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The unique GS1 number and bar code can be read by a dedicated bar code reader. Barcode reader apps are also available for all modern smartphones, obviating the need for specialised equipment.

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Key Features

  • Needs minimal training
  • Little writing required, mainly crosses in boxes
  • Twice trialled and evaluated in UK during 2011
  • Praised by nursing staff during trials as simple to understand and use
  • Suitable for all Trusts – Acute, Community and Mental Health
  • Uses latest DH guidance with GS1 numbering / bar codes
  • Robust tracking and tracing of patients and possessions
  • Patients evacuated based on dependency level and mobility
  • Now purchased by Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust

Target Users

  • Chief Executives and Senior Managers in discharging/receiving NHS hospital Trusts
  • Emergency Planners in NHS Hospital Trusts
  • Nurse Managers in Hospital wards
  • Departmental Managers in Trusts
  • Nursing staff and ward clerks
  • Departmental staff/clerks
  • Police Liaison Officers in hospitals
  • Ambulance Service managers and operational staff
  • Local Authority Emergency Planners

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