The Cruciform® Priority Cleaning System

The "Cruciform"® Priority Cleaning System is used to record all actions carried out to clean and disinfect a cell, room, or other space which may have been contaminated by a spill of body or other hazardous fluids.

The system is part of a kit of materials and tools exclusively available from Kays Medical. It cannot be separated from the kit and it is only to be used when the operatives have been trained in its use. Each organisation must undertake to train its staff to ensure that individual operatives are able to perform the various actions referred to in the document competently and professionally. As new operatives join the organisation, they too will need training. Existing operatives will need occasional refresher training to ensure that they are still able to undertake the necessary procedures to safeguard their own health and the health of others.

All organisations with a body fluid or other hazardous fluid problem should contact Kays Medical who will be able to give comprehensive advice and training in the use of their kits.