Incident & Decision Log book© - IDL©

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The Incident and Decision Log© (also known as the IDL©) fills the need for a definitive record for all staff involved in emergency duties, who need to make decisions. Designed for individual post holders, or an ad hoc group, it allows a legal record to be created for future reference. This enables an organisation to fulfil its obligation to have a record of information received and decisions made for a complex and/or protracted emergency incident, information about which may be contained within a number of books.

The IDL provides a definitive, legal record
for all staff involved in emergency duties

When used for a Duty, the book can be a record for one individual for a duration of days or weeks, depending on the amount of information received and decisions made. In this scenario it is a personal record, similar to a police officer's pocket note book. When used for a Role, the book will be a record of several, even many individuals who might carry out the role over a period of time. Ad hoc decision making groups set up to manage the incident, from several agencies, including health, police, local authorities, and other organisations responding to an incident can also use the book for their joint purposes.

If you could be involved in a multi casualty incident, consider using the
Cruciform® Emergency Documentation System

Consider using the Cruciform® Patient Evacuation System if you might be involved
in an emergency that could require the evacuation of patients from hospitals

This is a new book, combining the contents of the Emergency Incident Record Book with the Decision Log Book, for those who prefer to use one book for the incident record and decisions made, rather than recording information received in one book and decisions made in another.

Key Features

  • Proven, paper-based system. (More information)
  • For use by Hospital Trusts, Ambulance Services, the Health Protection Agency, Hospital Trusts and other agencies who need a permanent record of on-call and/or emergency information received, leading to recorded decisions.
  • Specifications: Size: 298x211x11mm, Weight: 578g. Unique GS1 barcoded book with 98 sequentially numbered incident pages and 43 sequentially numbered decision pages. Soft cover (light blue).
  • Can fully record 10 separate decisions
  • GS1 numbered and bar coded for unique storage reference.
  • Can be customised to particular applications and requirements.
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Target Users

  • Strategic Health Authority Directors on Call
  • Directors on Call and/or Incident Control Teams
  • Acute Trust Incident Control Teams and Action Card Holders
  • Private Hospital Control Teams and Action Card Role Holders
  • Incident Commanders in Ambulance Service, Police and Fire Brigade
  • Coast Guard, Mountain Rescue and Life Boat Managers
  • Accident Investigators in Civil Aviation Authority and similar organisations
  • Duty Officers in other Emergency Services
  • Local Authority Emergency Planners and responders
  • British Transport Police and other emergency planners and responders
  • Environment Agency, and other organisations brought in to assist or advise 
  • Chief Executives at NHS Gold and STAC level