First aid training is vital to all who wish to help victims of incidents, regardless of size. From the simplest bruise/scratch to a broken limb or full resuscitation, the first aider needs to be trained to cope with whatever he/she is faced with. Whether this is an accident at work or at another location, anyone providing first aid at work for an industrial accident, first aid in schools or at a sporting event, a good written record of what was done is as vital as a well stocked first aid kit and such a document should be part of every practitioner’s first aid equipment.

A Systematic Approach for First Responders

To assist with both first responder training and record keeping (an increasingly vital addition to victim treatment), deploy the Firstaidform©.

This document does not take the place of the Accident Book (a legal requirement for any work place accident), but it allows the first responder to provide an accident report which is comprehensive whilst training responders in best practice.

This simple accident report form allows first aid trainers to remind trainees the information they need to record and will assist in teaching a systematic approach to victim evaluation and treatment. This will be of value to both new trainees and to those who are being refreshed/retrained in new techniques or skills. See our Usage Guidelines.

The multi part form allows the first aid practitioner to keep a copy of what they have diagnosed and treated, give a copy to their employer, to the ambulance service (if involved) and a copy for the victim to give to his/her doctor.

The record may not be needed on that day but may prove invaluable subsequently, when the victim or relatives allege that the first aid practitioner did not do what was needed on the day of the incident. Without contemporaneous records, such an allegation is difficult to refute. By using the Firstaidform© on the day, the first aid practitioner and their employer is safeguarded. See Firstaidform© Litigation Advice.

If you could be involved in a multi casuality incident, consider using the "Cruciform©" Emergency Documentation System.


  • All relevant first aid providers/organisations have a record of observations and treatments given.
  • Legal challenges can be professionally managed.
  • Audit trails can be established with unique reference number.
  • Ten casualties can be recorded on one pad.


  • Pad dimensions: 314x212x6mm
  • 10 uniquely coded forms, comprising 6 pages which can be torn off/separated. Usage notes and separator card for writing are included.
  • Per form: 4 pages for detailed assessment (white completion copy + 3x carbon copy in green, pink and blue), plus 2 yellow 'continuation' pages for freeform information (completion copy + 1x carbon copy).
  • Forms torn off are approx. A4 dimensions (298mm long).
  • To be used in landscape format.Order...