CPES© - Supplementary Logbooks

These supplementary logbooks have been designed to be used together with the Cruciform® Patient Evacuation System© but may also be used separately. The layout of each book is similar to the Ward/Department Logbook supplied with CPES©, for further information about content of the books please take a look at this slideshow (slides 8 and 9).

Discharge Area / Receiving Location Logbooks

CPES Patient Evacuation Discharge LogbookCPES Patient Evacuation Receiving Location Logbook

The Cruciform® Patient Evacuation System© has been designed to be used with the Patient Evacuation Log Book (Discharge Location) so patients can be logged through the evacuating hospitals’ discharge area/location, and the Patient Evacuation Log Book (Receiving Location) so they can be booked into a receiving hospital or other location. The covers of these books are shown above.

The books provide an additional audit trail as patients are processed through an evacuation scenario, and, like all our logbooks:

CPES Logbooks provide a definitive, legal record
 for all staff involved in emergency evacuation duties

These books are designed to be used with the Cruciform® Patient Evacuation System©. More information about the system can be found here.

We also provide general purpose logbooks and emergency documentation systems for hospitals and incident first-response.

Key Features

  • Proven, paper-based system. (More information)
  • The Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust in Kent have already decided to implement CPES as part of their hospital emergency evacuation strategy.
  • Can be customised to particular applications and requirements.
    Please contact us with your enquiry.

Target Users

  • Chief Executives and Senior Managers in discharging/receiving NHS hospital Trusts
  • Emergency Planners in NHS Hospital Trusts
  • Nurse Managers in Hospital wards
  • Departmental Managers in Trusts
  • Nursing staff and ward clerks
  • Departmental staff/clerks
  • Police Liaison Officers in hospitals
  • Ambulance Service managers and operational staff
  • Local Authority Emergency Planners