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Major Emergency Plan©

Product focus: Documentation

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Never has the need for sound Emergency Plans
and emergency preparedness been greater

Following the events in New York and Madrid, London’s terrorist attacks of July 2005 demonstrate the need to be fully prepared.

In addition to the threats posed by terrorism there are a whole range of potential natural disasters and accidents which could entail large numbers of casualties. Inevitably such accidents and incidents make enormous demands on both NHS Trusts and Private Hospitals. Those entrusted with the management of such organisations must make sure that they have formulated plans that are comprehensive, up to date and practical.

A CD is available which will allow an NHS Acute Trust or Independent Sector Hospital to quickly upgrade their existing plans, either by using some sections of the CWC Major Emergency plan to update their own plans or migrating to the Major Emergency Plan, adding those requirements or additions which may be specific to their locality.

If you have (or are), an enthusiastic Emergency Planning Officer, the CWC Major Emergency Plan could be adapted to a Trust specific plan within a few days.

Key Features

  • Covers both Major Incident and Business Continuity issues
  • Can be tailored easily to the local environment
  • Developed and locally printed to minimize costs
  • Updated locally on a regular basis to keep it current
  • Can be tailored and customised to particular applications and requirements. Please contact us with your enquiry.

The following organisations would all benefit from the guidelines and plans laid out in the Major Emergency Plan©:

  • Acute Trusts
  • Non-acute Trusts
  • Independent Sector Hospitals

More Information

The Major Emergency Plan© consists of a CD with full instructions outlining the process to be followed in developing a specific plan for an individual hospital.

Click here for more detailed information about the Major Emergency Plan© including usage guidelines and additional notes.

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