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The "Cruciform"® Priority Cleaning System

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The "Cruciform"® Priority Cleaning System is a systematised process for dealing with body fluid and/or other dangerous spills. The system is unique, auditable and legally verifiable and facilitates the safe and hygienic cleaning of a cell, room or other contained space.

It will protect the contractor, room owner and any person who may occupy that space afterwards from contracting a disease or illness as a consequence of that spill.

The Cruciform® Priority Cleaning System consists of a procedure document outlining the process to be followed in cleaning and disinfecting a cell, room or other space, plus three supporting documents.

Further information on the value of paper systems over other storage media can be found here.

  • Protocol deals with body fluid and/or other dangerous spills
  • Approved by HM Ministry of Justice for UK Prisons
  • Ensures safety of prisoners, contractors and prison staff
  • Prioritises cleaning of enclosed spaces - unique step by step advice
  • Numbered record ensures audit trail of all linked documents

Key Features

  • Each card is uniquely numbered
  • Enables trained personnel to safely clean any infected or contaminated space
  • The owner/manager of the space can protect the next occupant of the space
  • The system is part of a kit of materials and tools exclusively available from Kays Medical
  • Can be tailored and customised to particular applications and requirements. Please contact us with your enquiry

The following are services, authorities and contractors who are most likely to find the Cruciform Priority Cleaning System of particular value.

  • Prisons - Cell blocks
  • Police - Custody centres
  • Court - Cells
  • Local Authorities Accomodation
  • Hotel Chains
  • Cleaning Contractors
  • Other High Occupancy

More Information

Click here for more detailed information about the Cruciform® Priority Cleaning System.

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