Triage - International "Cruciform"®(North America and Canada)

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The original "Cruciform"® was developed for major disasters in the UK, and this system has been used and evaluated for over twenty five years in a range of real life situations and is in widespread use. It became clear, however, that the original card did not fulfil the requirements of the North American market, as different systems of triage scoring and evaluation were used there. 

As a consequence, with the assistance of doctors in Canada, a revised card was developed. It enabled the same effective method of relaying information about the dead and injured from the scene of an incident to the final destination, but included a bigger emphasis on CBRNE documentation.

This system is presently undergoing extensive trials in British Columbia, Canada.

Like the original, the revised system can be used to sieve and/or sort victims and to mark the scene; it identifies records, personal possessions, associated child/close relatives and even separated body parts, but with terminology more closely allied to North American practice.

Each International Cruciform® box will contain:

  • 25 amendable Cruciform® cards
  • A uniquely numbered/bar-coded strip of stickers with wristband
  • An MCI START Triage Protocol guidance card
  • Other supporting documentation and pen

Key Features

  • The International Cruciform® is ideal for decontamination problems, as it enables casualty and clothing to be linked for forensic purposes as well as for tracing rescuers and hospital staff who may have been exposed.
  • The International Cruciform® will assist with clinical audit due to its carefully formulated contents and the unique GS1 numbering/barcode system.
  • Police investigators and coroners will find the system enables them to improve both the accuracy and speed of their investigations and it can prove particularly beneficial in linking all rescuers who have been involved with a specific victim.
  • Can be tailored and customised to particular applications and requirements. Please contact us with your enquiry.

More Information

Click here for detailed information about the original Cruciform® including usage guidelines, multimedia presentations, and additional notes on use in situations that may require legal verifiability.

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