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Written by Carl Wallin on .

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Since 1989, CWC Services has been in the forefront of developing products to help in the management of large scale and major incidents in both the UK and in other parts of the world. Our products have been continuously improved since those early days and are now widely acknowledged as the best systems available.

Due to the diagnosis of a serious illness, I have been forced to relinquish the day-to-day management of CWC Services to a colleague and friend of many years, Seb Tomasini. Many of you will already have spoken with Seb, probably via email, who has been dealing with the majority of CWC’s business activities on my behalf since end-October 2015.

In ongoing discussions about the future of CWC Services, the evolution of our products and expansion into new technology areas, Seb and I have agreed that he will take over the business entirely to maintain, improve and grow it in to the future. I am confident that Seb’s background in software engineering, systems design and computer programming will achieve this and that we will go from strength to strength.

Seb’s company will take full operational control of CWC Services on 7th April 2016.

Initially, very little will change. Customers will continue to receive the best possible service from Seb; existing products as well as our process will further improve and new systems will be introduced as soon as is practicable. As part of the transition, a number of planned improvements will be introduced over the coming months. I invite you all to keep in touch with these developments via our website’s news page and by following us on twitter.

While I have stepped down from day-to-day management, I want to reassure customers that I will still be consulting with Seb and that if any customer wishes to speak with me I will be available for the foreseeable future.

I would like to thank all my customers and friends in Emergency Management for their support and encouragement over the last 25+ years. A number of you have made suggestions for improvements to our products, many of which have been incorporated. Our log books and triage products have been made significantly better through your helpful contributions and I am very grateful for them.

Could I also take this opportunity to wish you all the very best in what is at times a very difficult job; that of persuading government and other organisations that planning and streamlining incident handling of any scale is an essential task, and that training to manage the unexpected is vital.

Do get in touch with us if you have any questions or comments!

My very best wishes,

Carl Wallin

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