Newsletter: 2018 fast approaching!

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2017 has been a busy year at CWC Services! We’ve further improved our products, new developments in the pipeline and look forward to continued growth in 2018. Feedback on our product range has been both constructive and positive - we’re always keen on feedback so that we can continue to improve our product range and service for our retailers and diverse customer base alike.

2018 Prices

Good news - we’re holding our prices again this year, so there won’t be any price rise until later next year at the earliest. You can continue to order from us at 2016/17 prices and our quantity discounts, applied automatically for website orders, remain at the same levels as before.

Festive period opening hours and deliveries

Our office will be open to handle enquiries and receive orders over the Christmas / New Year festive period, but our warehouse is closed from 22nd December 2017 until 3rd January 2018. So from the close of tomorrow (Thurday 21st) any orders received will be shipped in the New Year, 3rd January at the earliest.

Black Friday Offer is on until 31st December!

Although our warehouse is closed for the festive period, our Black Friday special is still on. Order any 5+ Cruciform® or Logbook products through our website with a card payment and get a massive 30% discount! This offer is open until midnight, 31st December so be sure to let your friends, colleagues and partner organisations know!


We’re very keen to obtain feedback and work closely with organisations across the diverse industries we support. To that end, we greatly appreciate and welcome any enquiry, contact or other communication - recommendation, social media follow, referral, review etc.. We’re also happy to reward your efforts with discounts; get in touch to find out more!

Product improvements and changes

Over the past three years, we’ve refined our products with GS1 barcodes across the range and made improvements to the FirstAidForm pad. This year has seen the following changes to our product lineup:

  • Our Emergency Pocket Log Book© (EPLB) now includes JESIP model aide memoirs at the rear of the book as requested by many of our customers. We’re considering their inclusion in our other softcover logbooks as well, subject to feedback and requests.
  • We’re in the process of developing a Fire & Rescue Decision and Rationale Log Book, designed especially for Fire & Rescue services nationwide.
  • Our Cruciform® Triage card has had numerous refinements for its latest production run, including white text on the red/green faces, for improved night-time visibility and UV responsiveness, and a raft of small layout improvements to the various modules. It is also now available off-the-shelf in the French language.
  • Our Emergency Log Book© (ELB) has had many small refinements to the areas at the front and rear of the book. Main logging pages remain unchanged.

Featured products

We’d like to draw your attention to the following recent additions to our product lineup:

  • The Cruciform® Evacuation System, developed with the West Kent Emergency Planning Team, Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust. Designed originally for patient evacuation from hospitals, it is applicable in a variety of situations where there is a need for controlled mass evacuation of people, planned or unplanned. The system would be appropriate as part of an organisation’s disaster recovery or resilience planning strategy
  • EDIS©, a smartphone-based electronic system for track and trace of people and other items. Designed to work with GS1 barcodes across our product range, the system has been developed as a working prototype and could provide exciting benefits in First Response, Emergency Management and Mass Evacuation.
  • LARCS© (in development), a simplified system based on Cruciform and GS1 barcodes, designed for registration, track/trace and mobilisation of people in evacuation, mass casualty or mass displacement scenarios. The system would be available for councils, local rest centres, community groups etc. for handling large scale people displacement and movement.
  • The Duty Log & Occurrence Book© (DLOB) is a general purpose version of the Emergency Log Book, with similar specification but not specifically designed for medical or emergency medical use.

Please take a look at our website product pages for detailed information about these and all our products. LARCS is not featured on our website just yet but we would welcome any enquiries and interest. We also invite you to bookmark our news page and follow us on twitter to keep up to date with the latest at CWC Services.

As we have done for over 25 years, CWC Services will continue to develop peerless, internationally recognised emergency documentation products/systems and we keenly welcome any enquiry or feedback.

In the meantime we would like to wish all our customers a wonderful Christmas, a happy New Year and we look forward to your continued business in 2018!