Bar code and number strip

Written by Carl Wallin on .

The existing bar code and number strip has been updated with more numbered labels, 16 as opposed to 9, and more indicator labels, to ensure that the fullest information  is available to rescuers and those transferring and/or receiving the victim. It will also mean that everyone dealing with the victim can take an adhesive label for their own records.

The new bar code and number strip is also made of new, waterproof, material with significantly improved marine adhesive, which can even stick to damp surfaces. It has a very high tack so sticks immediately and permanently and cannot be re-aligned once stuck. This quality improves the security of the labelled item as labels cannot be transferred. The numbered wrist band can be cut off, of course, but once wrapped round the wrist and stuck down, cannot be unstuck.

The above improvement applies to both the existing "Cruciform" triage cards and the new "Cruciform" Patient Evacuation System cards.

We have taken this step as part of our continuing efforts to improve our products, which remain the best products available.