Cruciform card films

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We are very interested in improving our website and making it more relevant and pertinent to our valued users.

To this end we are trying to find any film or other images showing the "Cruciform" card in use. We know that the cards were used in the London bombings by the Royal London Hospital medical teams as well as in other incidents. Did anyone take images of the cards in use? We believe there must have been films made on smartphones or by television crews, but so far we have been unable to source any.

We are also aware that some popular television companies have used "Cruciform" cards in their programmes.

If anyone knows where we can get any videos, film clips or even training events where the cards were used, we would be very grateful to get access to them.

Please contact us with any information about where such films or images can be sourced, in the UK or elsewhere.

Thanks very much.

The value of paper records

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"The digital age was supposed to render obsolete the traditional ways of preserving the past. Everything written, recorded, filmed or photographed could now be safeguarded for ever at the push of a button. No more filing, storage or dusty archives: the present would be captured and the past curated by the machines themselves. Increased computer power and ever-expanding digital storage would ensure infinite memory-retention, an end to forgetting.

The reality has proved very different. Digital memory has proven fragile, evanescent and only too easy to lose. Technology has moved on so fast that the tools used to access stored material have become obsolete: CD-roms degrade, tapes crumble, hard disks fall apart; the laser disk and the floppy disk have gone, soon to be followed, no doubt, by the USB and memory card."

From The Times newspaper, 27th Feb 2015.  Read full article...

New Payment system

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We are pleased to announce that we can now accept secure card payments on our website.

Existing customers who prefer to use the order and invoice arrangement can continue to do so of course, but the new card payment system allows customers another way of paying for orders with the following benefits:

  • Greater convenience
  • Faster order processing
  • Automatic price and postage calculation
  • 10% discount applied for 10+ of any item
  • Ideal for one-off orders where visitors do not already hold an account with us

We will not be making any charge for using card payments. Furthermore our log books, "Cruciform" cards and other products continue to be held at 2014 prices!

See our prices and order page »

Prices held

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CWC Services are pleased to announce that prices of all our products will NOT rise at the end of this year.

Due to prices being held for all materials and products costs, we do not need to raise prices for 2015.

We are conscious that our customers are facing pressures on budgets and we are doing what we can to help them.

We look forward to being of service to all our existing and new customers in for the rest of 2014 and into 2015

Announcing EDIS - Press Release

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CWC Services are pleased to announce a unique development in emergency/evacuation management and community resilience:

EDIS – Emergency Data Interchange System

Our manual products all use GS1 barcodes, the de-facto standard recognised by the UK NHS and across the globe. As a core feature of our products, they uniquely identify the individual throughout the incident dynamic; allowing the tracing of victims by responsible staff in a robust, well tested manual system. Increased resilience is provided through efficient, simple and accountable workflow.

These features are taken to another level with our electronic system - EDIS, designed to be used together with our manual systems...