The Cruciform® System

Triage Sieve (back)

The Triage Sieve is designed for initial sieving / sorting of victims, typically at the scene. The reverse of the sieve card allows for quick collation of victim numbers and for initial priorities to be assigned.

Victims are given a barcoded wristband, which has the same GS1 barcode number as those affixed to the back of the Triage Sieve, Cruciform® card and to all amendable pages. 

The initially determined triage category can of course be changed to a higher or lower priority as the victim's condition alters. Subsequent changes in priority will be determined by a more careful / qualified examination, possibly using the trauma scoring system (RTS) contained in the Cruciform® card.


Each Triage Sieve is designed for 25 victims. Wristbands, Cruciform cards and other supporting documents are also provided.